Oct 132015

Vital Theatre Company commissioned Sabrina to write a children’s musical!  
Fashion Academy – the Musical is a pop-inspired coming of age story that shows young artists the power of their artistic voices.

Fashion-Academy-GoldstarGET TICKETS HERE!!
” the music and lyrics by co-writer Sabrina Chap … with bouncy rhythms and clever themes, especially the show-stopping “Elements of Design,” performed by Mr. Stichman and his students. The kids in the audience loved every minute, as evidence by their staying in their seats and clapping along the entire time.” –Examiner Review!

(co-book: Sheryl Berk, co-book, lyrics, music – Sabrina Chap)
Based off the best-selling book, ‘FASHION ACADEMY’ by mother/daughter team, Sheryl & Carrie Berk,


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