Sep 262016


SUPER EXCITED to introduce this new collaboration!  Please come to our debut show!

Bringing together five artists from New York City’s downtown scene, the Secret Variety Society is formed for a monthly residency at Pangea, the intimate supper club in the heart of the East Village, for an evening of satirical, surreal and sublime entertainment.

Contemporary variety for those with discerning tastes, low inhibitions and a love for the theatre of joy, The Secret Variety Society invites you to immerse yourselves into an evening of wild, weird and wonderful pleasures in the company of this all-star troupe of decadent fools.

Oct. 5
7-9 pm
at PANGEA – 178 2nd Ave, New York, New York 10003
15 bucks pre-order, 20 day of show, plus 20 drink/food minimum

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