Sep 242018

(photo credit, Humans of the Fringe – interview here)

★★★★★ ‘Like a piano player in brothel or a chanteuse at an orgy, Sabrina Chap is the fallen woman of cabaret….’ – Broadway Baby

★★★★★ ‘This is an intoxicating evening, and a must see for cabaret fans – or anyone that wants a bit of alternative sexual education.’ – Deadline News

★★★★ ‘How to be a Bad Girl, a captivating cabaret act of original songs performed on piano, is as dirty as the flyers promise – but with unexpected sweetness and poignancy…’ – The Outlier Scotland

★★★★ ’Chap. . .is truly a breath of fresh air to the world of feminism and I can say in absolute confidence, she is a force that deserves to be emulated.’ – Feminist Fringe

‘A burlesque Jerry lee Lewis’ – The American Magazine

‘Sabrina Chap…blazes through her boozy, bluesy set with all the delicacy of a pneumatic drill, dishing out smut, satire and existential dread in equal measure. The onslaught is relentless….Think Eartha Kitt. Think female Tom Waits. Think nihilistic Cole Porter… Her comedic deftness is matched by her musical prowess, and her magnetism is undeniable.’ – Somna Theatre

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