Jun 182020
Audio Protest is an alternative protest movement for those currently unable to march for racial equality, due to COVID, fears of police brutality, immigrant status, and more.

We provide a daily playlist and Livestream of a black artist for people to blast from their windows in solidarity with those marching, to show the world that the collective rage is bigger than the one they can physically point to on the streets.

We ask that you turn your speakers to the streets at 7-8 pm EST daily, put up a sign that says ‘Audio Protest’ and play ‘Audio Protest’ in solidarity with both those marching and those who’ve already lost their lives to this struggle. Audio Protest will broadcast every night up until the March on Washington on August 19th.

Please look for ‘Audio Protest’ on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter for the current day’s playlist. And let’s turn it up to 11.

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