Sabrina Chap has been called many things. A mix between Julie Andrews and Divine. A sexy Tom Lehrer. A post-modern Cirkus MILF. Whatever you call her, this insane sex bomb of hilarity brings her whiskey soaked vocals and piano driven tunes to any show brave enough to book her.

A talented pianist who discovered her rapier wit on the burlesque stage, Chap has toured nationally and internationally with her insane brand of hilarity. She got her start on Washington D.C.’s infamous Palace of Wonders (now the Red Palace) and immediately found herself playing amongst some of burlesque’s greatest stars, including Angie Pontani, Trixie Little and Evil Hate Monkey, Tigger, Armitage Shanks, WorldFamous Bob and more!!

Comfortably nestled into her new home as a burlesque singer, Chap soon began being booked in the Cirkus scene, working most notably with one of the oldest modern day independent circuses in the States, the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. Soon, she found herself performing alongside (and oftentime accompanying) some of the world’s greatest cirkus acts, including Russian contortionist Ekaterina, Tanya Gange (WauWau Sisters), Harvest Moon, Gordoon (Big Apple Circus) and too many other cirkus luminaries to list!

Bolstered by the freakishness of her new-found cirkus family, and her growing popularity as both a solo performer and host, Chap formed the Schlapentickle Family Burlesque and Revue- a touring theatrical
burlesque, sideshow and musical revue. Her performances as Mama Schlapentickle were often noted as the highlight of the show, with one audience member declaring, ‘I never thought my favorite performer would be the only one that didn’t get naked!’

Chap’s career before burlesque was actually as a children’s music performer- which gives her a range of being able to perform/host for a variety of occasions. From family friendly circus gigs, to gigs that touch on the provocative underbelly of the burlesque scene, Chap is able to constantly gage the audience, and make it entertaining for kids from 5 to dirty old men of 95.


“Rousing!” – The New Yorker

“Envision an intimate smokey cabaret showcasing a musical and lyrical talent hiding in the dark shadows of the entertainment belly. In this mystical environment, she takes you on a journey of life’s joys, sorrows, and confusion’s while riding the slightly out of tune piano. In Sabrina’s music you find traces of circus, burlesque, music hall, and the grind of life. Sabrina’s songs celebrate this world.”
-Keith Nelson Co-founder – Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

“Sabrina Chap is an audience favorite every time she comes to town. By the end of her act people are wetting their pants with joy.”
– Heidi Von Haught Burlesque Star/Producer of That’s F*cked Up! Producer (Seattle)

“The admirable thing about vaudeville is that it really can’t be done half-heartedly. It’s a style that requires a lotta shoulder-shimmy and real fire in the belly. If you can’t channel that awesome power of entertainment, the spotlight will drift away quicker than the tip of a hat. A good thing, then, that Sabrina Chap has this ability by the barrel.”

 Though her descent into drunkenness showed the least amount of skin in the performance she managed to pour out the greatest amount of talent.”
– New York Cool Review of Schlapentickle Family Burlesque and Revue

“As a performer she is more like a stand-up comic who also happens to be a tremendously talented musician. In her stage show she draws you in, disarms you with humour, and then makes you sit up and listen to what she has to say. The end result is intoxicating.”
Polari Magazine – UK

“Sabrina Chap turns you on the best possible way — with her mind.”
– Audience reaction

“I’ve seen Sabrina multiple times, and in multiple cities. She owns every room she performs in. Her “Dirty Song” is right at home with even the bawdiest of the burlesque performers, while other songs like “Never Been a Bad Girl” have inspired routines, while embodying the spirit of both neo and classical burlesque. Run, don’t walk to any venue that she’s playing at. You’ll be glad you did.”
-Hot Todd Lincoln (D.C. host and raconteur)

Past performances include:
The Lowry (Manchester) Royal Vauxhall Tavern (London) Madame Jojos (London) Speigeltent (New York) Galapagos (New York) Theatre Bizarre (Detroit) Moisture Festival  (Seattle)  Palace of Wonders (D.C.) Ottobar (Baltimore) Creative Alliance (Baltimore) The Rex (Pittsburgh) Showboat Follies (Minneapolis) Everleigh Social Club (Chicago) Beachland Ballroom (Cleveland) The Rex (Pittsburgh) Cliff’s Bells (Detroit)