We Are the Parade!

“Imagine, if you can, Judy Garland singing the songs of Tom Lehrer as arranged by Dr. John, and you will have an approximation – not perfect but close – of the Sabrina Chap experience.”
American Songwriter  (Paul Zollo)

“…channels the raw energy of ragtime and an old-school musical, with lyrics that evoke a contemporary Cole Porter or Tom Lehrer.’ – The Advocate

Listen to [We Are the Parade]: When you need a motivational soundtrack to get active; personally, publicly, or politically.” – Tom Tom Magazine

There’s no one way to describe Sabrina Chap — and that’s what we love about her.” – Baltimore Sun

She’ll waltz you around the room until you’re breathless with glee, or recite dirty jokes in the corner until you’re in stitches – but then she’ll pour you a whiskey and sit you down for a real fucking heart-to-heart about life’s bullshit.”
– Coochie Crunch


“Don’t let the picture fool you – Sabrina Chap’s forlorn album cover of Oompa! doesn’t reflect what’s inside: bouncing rhythms, complex instrumentation, and intelligent lyrics covering everything from heartache to performing femininity.”
Bitch Magazine

“. . .a knee slapping, bawdy good time.”
The Killing Floor

“This album deserves more attention than it’s getting, and Chap deserves to be a star.”
Curve Magazine

Oompa! is cabaret music, a sort of proto-lounge jazz that’s best enjoyed in an intimate club, drink in hand and friends at your side…a very strong album.” – Sepiachord

“Sabrina Chap is guaranteeably vaudevillian chic and undeniably impressive.
Go Magazine

“The admirable thing about vaudeville is that it really can’t be done half-heartedly. It’s a style that requires a lotta shoulder-shimmy and real fire in the belly. If you can’t channel that awesome power of entertainment, the spotlight will drift away quicker than the tip of a hat. A good thing, then, that Sabrina Chap has this ability by the barrel.”
Wears the Trousers (UK)

“I don’t offer these artists (Dresden Dolls, Jolie Holland, Squirrel Nut Zippers) up to slight Chap as derivative, but rather to put her in a larger context of artists. I believe Chap’s talents stand up on their own.”
Feminist Music Geek & Feminist Review

“The entire album evokes images of gin-soaked prohibition-era parties, and I immediately wanted to drag out my flapper dress and herd my friends to a speakeasy.”
Three Imaginary Girls