Feb 142017

FA07Thrilled to have that Tams-Witmark announce that ‘Fashion Academy – The Musical’ is now  available for licensing!

Fashion Academy is a musical tale of finding your own voice and not being afraid to use it. Through colorful characters and lively, hip music, it imparts a powerful lesson in self-expression for tween and teen audiences.

I wrote the music and lyrics for this, as well as co-booked with author, Sheryl Berk.

Please go to to Tams-Witmark to license the show for your school!

Feb 042017

7 Stories imageIn a few days, our great nation will officially put a man into office. We all know who that man is, and his name strikes great chords of fear and confusion within our democracy. But it is not his name we fear, it’s what he represents. In a campaign that traumatized our nation, on both sides, it’s clear:

“Fear appears to be the winner in this election cycle more than any candidate or platform.” – Vishavjit Singh


Jan 062017

feminist-lttr-press-releaseLetters to the Revolution is a platform I founded . Along with 14 volunteers, we reached out to leading artists/activists to pen letters of inspiration to those targeted by the upcoming administration. Participants include Planned Parenthood (NYC), Greenpeace, James Lecesne (the Trevor Project), the Guerrilla Girls, Bill McKibben (author on climate change/founder of 350.org), Monette McKay (Broadway performer) & more.

 Please go here – and read some inspirational letters!

Sep 262016


SUPER EXCITED to introduce this new collaboration!  Please come to our debut show!

Bringing together five artists from New York City’s downtown scene, the Secret Variety Society is formed for a monthly residency at Pangea, the intimate supper club in the heart of the East Village, for an evening of satirical, surreal and sublime entertainment.

Contemporary variety for those with discerning tastes, low inhibitions and a love for the theatre of joy, The Secret Variety Society invites you to immerse yourselves into an evening of wild, weird and wonderful pleasures in the company of this all-star troupe of decadent fools.

Oct. 5
7-9 pm
at PANGEA – 178 2nd Ave, New York, New York 10003
15 bucks pre-order, 20 day of show, plus 20 drink/food minimum

Jul 082016

The Man Who knew too much
Descend into the depths of Coney Island’s Sideshow by the Seashore to witness a case of mistaken identity, mistaken g-strings, and murderous mayhem . Will there be more stripping than searching? Will our heroes get shaken up in the shakedown or will they get to the curvaceous bottom of this case? Murder! Greed! Betrayal! Dancing Girls! More dangerous than a woman scorned. Deadlier than kittens.
Starring Rita MenWeep, Corvette Le Face, Sabrina Chap, Manchego, E.Jim Ford, Coco Conroy, and more!

Jul 082016

ISSI main photo

I’ve been on hold in terms of songwriting and performing because I was involved in this wonderful project, the revival of the lost Marx Brother’s masterpiece, ‘I’ll Say She Is’.  As musical director, musical arranger, bandleader and pianist of the show, this incredible project took up much of my time. However, it was a joyous production I’m extremely proud to have been a part of. (I shouldn’t end with a preposition.)

NYTimes Critic’s Pick! – Time Out NY Review – New Yorker  – Wall St. Journal

For more on I’ll Say She is, go here!

Mar 292016

Sabrina Chap is in Seattle & Olympia for MOISTURE Festival & other dates!

Moisture Festival

3/26/16 – Broadway Performance Hall – 7:30
3/26/16 – Broadway Performance Hall 10:30
3/29/16 – Evergreen College – Lecture
3/29/16 –  Le Voyeur
3/30/16 – Evergreen College – Lecture
4/2/16 – Broadway Performance Hall  7:30
4/2/16 – Pink Door Burlesque Show – (10:30)
4/3/16- Broadway Performance Hall 3 & 7:30
4/5/16- Seattle Rendezvous – 7:30
4/7/16 – Seattle University Lecture
4/8/16- Sabrina Chap @the Hobb


Mar 032016


Cast Album for the Children’s Pop Musical,
‘Fashion Academy – the Musical
released on the heels of show’s 2cd extension!

Now Available on iTunes

“Fashion Academy Live is a high energy, whimsical and engaging musical for people of all ages. At first I wondered if my son would care for it, but five minutes into the show, he was bouncing around to the songs. He tapped me on the shoulder and whispered “I like it.” Meanwhile, my daughter loved the show. I thought she was going to get on stage with the cast and start busting a move. Instead, she happily danced in her seat and tried to sing along with the cast even though she didn’t know the words.                   (Examiner.com)

Oct 132015

Photo by Kristopher JohnsonOct. 15th – Modern Art Oxford – 4-6
Musical artist and book editor Sabrina Chap explores the relationship between self-destruction and creative behaviors in this multi-media presentation.
Oct. 15th – Modern Art Oxford – 7:30
Postcards from Nevermore – PERFORMANCE
“Part PJ Harvey, part Karen O, her current project explores the dark side of violence and love.”
Oct. 16 – HOUSE SHOW
OCT 20
 – Bar Wotever – 
Royal Vauxhall Tavern- London
Oct. 23 – Brasserie & Wine Bar Toulouse Lautrec  9:30 pm
Oct. 24 – Fearless: a weekend of queered up feminist performance &workshops w/Candy Royalle and Sabrina Chap
The Arts House
Oct. 25thLive Through This – The Arts House
Oct. 29th: –Marlborough Pub & Theatre, Brighton 8 pm
Nov. 4 – La Mutinerie – Paris – 9 pm